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Why hacking on production code during an interview is a good thing

Wrote this ages ago and just found it and figured I should post it. A while back I saw a blog post (link) saying that he would never hack on a production code base during the interview. Since he was not getting paid for it. Well I strongly disagree with that, both from an interviewee and an interviewer point of view. Interviewer While working at my last job I was in charge of the technical test for developers.

100 days of github

So I’ve decided to I need to get back to programming more things in my spare time. One way to kinda force this on myself is to attempt to do 100 days of github contributions. My first aim is to write an actual project to do something I need. Currently one of the things I need is something to give me better overview of the status of builds on Jenkins. Currently I just know if the builds are passing or failing.