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My Business Book Suggestions For A New Solopreneurs

Several months ago, I decided that I wanted to generate some income from my own projects. I originally started on a SaaS bootstrap library. A part of my development work for that library would need to be demos to prove the project and that I would try and sell each demo. Since doing that, I learned nothing about starting a business, so I began to read books on the subject. I read over 10 books during December alone.

Business Value Over Correctness

So last night I managed to get myself into a twitter fight that I think brings up an important aspect of software development and highlights two different mindsets within the software development world. So here I will try to explain my position and theirs in a better format than 280 characters and while it’s not 3am. Quick Breakdown of the Fight The Twitter fight was over the idea that there are some bugs found by QA in code that has been in production for years and has never happened to another person ever and these bugs aren’t worth fixing.